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Using Time Allocation to Complete Essential Daily Tasks, Paul Ingram, Mesa Arizona business professional on ways to improve your productivity

By | Paul Ingram

Paul Ingram advises business professionals of Mesa, Arizona on allocating time to complete daily tasks in an efficient manner.

There never seems to be enough time in the day. For a busy person, in any industry, there is always something else to get done. In a way, having constant tasks helps the work day speed by. Yet, for an entrepreneur, that workday can easily turn into a work week. If that happens and those tasks are not finished, it can mean payment is delayed. If payment is delayed, bills do not get paid and eventually, that could cause trouble for the entrepreneur.

Therefore, Paul Ingram of Mesa Arizona has isolated the problems most busy people have with time management. Now, he is sharing this information with the hope that it will help give successful people back their stride. After all, constantly working against the clock, without an ability to breathe without multitasking is stressful. By appropriately allocating time each day, it will be easier to achieve those essential daily work tasks.

Spend the First Two Hours of the Day Focused

The first two hours of the day are when many people are at their best. This is when people should be well-rested, fed and ready to take on the day. Unfortunately, most people spend this time performing menial tasks. Checking email, for instance, is not as important as most other tasks. While it needs to be done, do not waste the first two hours of the day on this thankless housekeeping.

Get the Tough Tasks Done First

Instead of saving the tough tasks for the end of the day, get them done first. Paul Ingram insists that after these tasks are accomplished, the rest of the day will be a breeze. After all, if a difficult task is taken care of early, a person is likely to be more inspired. Therefore, they will want to delve into another task, because they want to keep up their stride.

Batch Similar Tasks Together

Batching is a technique that many people find extremely helpful for time management. This is where a person takes all the similar tasks they have for the day and does them all at the same time. This could be making phone calls, writing invoices, or anything that might have to do with the same subject matter.

Paul Ingram’s thought process behind this is that when people switch subjects and tasks, our minds take some time to adjust. If there is a period where the same type of task is being done all at once, it goes faster. Therefore, in place of switching back and forth throughout the day, try the batching method. Paul Ingram is certain that business professionals will notice a difference.

Everyone has their good days and bad days. No one can expect to be the perfect businessperson and over-achiever every day. However, if at the end of the day, a person can feel accomplished instead of overly stressed, that a win. Therefore, it is important to focus on changing everyday habits a little, to incorporate these tips. Paul Ingram would guarantee that people who do will notice a difference in their overall productivity.

paul ingram mesa arizona

Paul Ingram from Mesa Arizona Points Out Demand for Qualified Construction Work in the City

By | Paul Ingram

There is a need for qualified work throughout the City, Paul Ingram of Mesa, Arizona aims to build interest in the area.


Construction work encompasses a host of different occupations. However, there are a few specific construction work jobs that are severely lacking in finding the right people for the job.

Paul Ingram Mesa is an industry professional who knows this is a difficult and growing problem. Therefore, Ingram is sharing the construction worker roles that need qualified applicants. It is his hope that this list will inspire people to follow one of these career paths. Ingram is certain that many people do not even realize there are specific construction worker jobs. Thus, he is confident by sharing this information, he can do his part to garner qualified help for this industry.



For potential applicants who enjoy working with their hands, this is a rewarding occupation. Construction Carpenters also need to be able to know a little bit about the entire process. From scanning blueprints to making sure what is on the paper gets built exactly, Construction Carpenters do it all.

To become a Construction Carpenter, a person must have a bachelor’s degree. Once school is completed, that person can become a Carpenter’s Helper. Another option is to acquire an apprenticeship. Construction Carpenters are in high demand and the job pays well. Carpenters in the top ten percent can around up to seventy-five-thousand dollars per year.



The perfect construction laborer is the kind of person who likes to put in a hard day’s work. They usually have a great tan, are in great shape and feel good about what they have accomplished every day. These are the people physically jackhammering and pounding away on projects.

This job can be acquired by scoring on the job training or garnering an apprenticeship. This job is a good way to climb the construction latter and learn a lot about each aspect of the industry. Plus, the average pay for a construction laborer is around fifty-thousand-dollars per year.



If digging in the dirt is something that sounds like fun, a Construction Driller is a great job. People with this job get to use heavy machinery to drill through the earth. However, it is a technical job that often calls for finesse. Construction Drillers must understand the consequences of digging each hole. That means ensuring that they and their team are always safe during and after the drill.

The certifications for Construction Drillers vary from state to state. Although, having an associate degree is a baseline certification. However, once a Construction Driller lands a job, the average pay is fifty-thousand dollars per year.

In summation, while the shortage is great for those who have the skills, there are not enough qualified people. There may be plenty of people that want a job, but construction workers need to perform finite tasks. Thus, it is important that anyone who is hired has the right experience for the job. Paul Ingram hopes that by sharing this list of specific construction workers needed, it will help boost applications. Ingram also hopes that by seeing this list, people will be inspired to follow these career paths. After all, this issue is not going to be rectified anytime soon. Thus, these specified construction workers will be needed and have job security for decades to come.

paul ingram mesa arizona

Paul Ingram From Mesa Explains the 5 Best Qualities of a Construction Company

By | Paul Ingram

Construction adviser reveals the top five qualities people should look for in a construction company.

​There are many construction companies throughout the United States. Especially in places where there’s a high concentration of work, construction companies seem to come out of the woodwork. However, there’s a distinct set of qualities that legitimate companies have mastered.

Paul Ingram has put together this comprehensive list of the five best qualities of a construction company. This way, people can become educated about finding a reputable construction company.

1. Proven Record of Success

Construction companies that are legitimate, wholesome businesses will have a proven record of success. These companies are comfortable in the area they work in, and they are proud of the work they’ve done. If a company isn’t forthcoming with the different types of successful projects, it isn’t a good idea to move forward. According to Paul Ingram of Mesa, the best-case scenario is that the company is inexperienced. However, even then, there should be some record of success from the founders of the company. So, if a construction company refuses to give a potential client anything, they should be very wary.

2. Prioritizes Safety

A construction company that prioritizes safety is a company that cares about their workers and their reputation. Construction work is dangerous. So, if a construction company isn’t willing to ensure the safety of their employees, they’re likely looking for easy money. Failure to prioritize safety should lead a potential buyer to believe they’re skimping in other areas too. If the person ends up being their client, the areas they’re skimping on will affect the person who hired them.

3. Maintains an Abundance of Resources

When building a reputation as a construction company, gaining resources is seamless. Networking for a construction company is not only essential, it’s usually simple. Paul Ingram says that if a company is reputable, they should have a lot of resources. So, if they fail to maintain business relations and resources, there’s an issue.

4. Technologically Savvy

Technology is a friend of the construction company. There are always new safety procedures and technological advances in this field. Therefore, a good construction company must remain technologically savvy. If the owner isn’t too technological, they should know enough to find someone they trust to keep up with technologies. Thus, if the company refuses or thinks they don’t need technology, they’re behind in the times. Depending on how behind they are could mean serious structural and safety issues.

5. Excellent Customer Service

Every company in every industry should have excellent customer service. However, with construction workers, caring about the customer is even more important. Legitimate companies understand that people are trusting them with their homes and businesses. So, those companies have done their best to make customers feel comfortable and involved in the process. If a company makes little to no effort to go above and beyond for the customer, their reputation will suffer.

To close, construction companies can often come and go quickly. Yet, legitimate companies have a fortitude and qualities that are clear. Paul Ingram believes knowing these qualities will help customers find the right construction company quickly and efficiently.

Paul Ingram From Mesa Reveals the Secrets that Construction Companies Won’t Tell Clients

By | Paul Ingram

Construction companies can unearth some surprising secrets. Acclaimed construction adviser divulges what these companies don’t want clients to know.

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, July 20, 2018 — Construction companies fall into two categories. Construction companies are either legitimate, or they’re not. It’s important to note that there are plenty of legitimate construction companies out there. However, unfortunately, there are also a lot of fly-by-night construction workers.

Paul Ingram from Mesa has worked with an assortment of both kinds, finding out more than he bargained for. Although, through his experience, he’s learned a lot of important specifics about the construction industry. Here is a list of truths that construction companies won’t tell their clients.

This Job is Not My Only Job

Construction companies will sometimes do and say whatever they feel they need to land the job. However, once the contract is signed, it might be a while before they get to the job. There could be a backlog of jobs, or there could be another job they deem more important. Even if that isn’t the case and they start the job right away, the construction company isn’t going to be at the job site every day. Instead, the construction company is likely going to juggle a few different contracted jobs, simply to keep clients happy.

A Client’s Job May Affect the Bid

Unfortunately, the bid that’s given might be affected by the occupation the client has. While it’s hard to prove and admittedly frustrating, some construction companies base bid prices off certain jobs. Although, Paul Ingram states that the money someone makes isn’t exactly the reason for the hike in bid price.

Rather, fear and possible unnecessary aggravation could be the reason. The two best examples are lawyers and doctors. Lawyers might be quoted with more money up front. This is based on the fear that lawyers might find a way to get out of paying. Therefore, the company is trying to cover themselves. Doctors tend to be more analytical. So, they might question the bid and the price of materials, or the contract itself. Thus, the contractor might ask for more money, more because they anticipate a lot of questions and challenges.

Construction is Messy

Construction is never a neat ordeal. While some construction companies might try to wow potential clients with visions of grandeur, others are more realistic. Some construction companies try to mitigate the inconvenience and mess of the situation by scheduling a good time to work. After all, it’s a pain for everyone involved if people are home when construction workers show up. Everyone is tripping over one another and the whole house is in disarray. However, some construction companies simply sell the glitz and glam of the final project. Then, once the contract is signed, they get to it when they get to it.

In summation, it’s easy for a construction company to get a bad rap. After all, with social media and reviews running rampant, one bad experience could ruin a company. However, there are some companies who give the rest of the industry a bad name. These truths about construction companies don’t help the industry’s cause all that much. Yet, Paul Ingram believes if people know the truth, they can better understand what to expect.

Paul Ingram Shares How to Find the Perfect Construction Company for Your Project

By | Paul Ingram

Paul Ingram from Mesa explains the three best ways to vet a construction company to find the perfect match for your project.

Acquiring the right construction company for your project is not an easy feat. This is a major investment, that is far more than financial. It’s also procuring and enhancing the quality of life. Whether the project is at home or at work, the project is affecting the decision maker’s life. So, when people hire a construction company, this investment becomes the company’s investment to control. The quality of work that the construction company does throughout the project is going to last far beyond the span of the contract.

Fortunately, Paul Ingram Mesa shares the secrets to finding the perfect construction company for your project. Ingram knows that when a person hands over that control, they should be confident in the hands which are going to be building their future. So, Ingram wants to ensure that anyone looking for a construction company is aware of three of the main factors; credentials, professionalism, and the testimonials of the company’s past work.


Confirming credentials are the first assurance of vetting a construction company. A legitimate business owner will be extremely forthcoming with this information, as it should be the bedrock of the business’ foundation.

Here are the three mandatory credentials:

Business Licenses-Each state has mandatory statutes, which each business must comply with to maintain safety standards and accountability.

Insurance- There are many different kinds of insurance. Make sure the company has the right insurance for the type of work that is needed.

Local and National Association Relationships- A legitimate company should have a plethora of longstanding relationships with both local and national associations. One of the most informative of which, for any business is the Better Business Bureau.

If the construction company is even hesitant to provide this information, Ingram warns that the decision maker should walk away.


When hiring a construction company, Paul Ingram Mesa emphasizes that professionalism is paramount. Every person representing the company should share a collective business attitude that is reassuring and straightforward.
Considering the salesman for a company should be a master at professionalism, a true testament to the company’s overall performance is receiving the quote. Quotes should be prompt and thorough.

After all, a quote is a basic business communication. It should be an easy and quick procedure. That’s only the beginning of a construction company’s job. After that, there are high-value budgets, technical plans, and safety concerns. Therefore, the company’s overall workmanship should be severely scrutinized if they can’t master the basics.


Any company can feign quality and professionalism at the beginning of a job and most can continue their charade throughout the quote and the start of a contract. That is the simple part of the job.

The real evidence of the quality a construction company produces is inherent in the testimonials that they receive. Positive word of mouth reviews is encouraging. Yet, written testimonials are a solid indication of how construction company throughout the timespan of the job. Sometimes, it can even provide a snapshot of the quality a construction company has done even years after the contract has ended.

To close, Paul Ingram is pleased to share these tips for finding the perfect construction company for your project. While these credentials and warning signs can be easy to spot, they’re essential to realize before signing a contract.